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  1. it’s just not funny … none of this is funny … the only thing that I find funny about this is the gross brutalization of these people and the smugness radiating from their superiority complexes.

  2. HAHA… Not too soon, She earned her place… Now if we could just stick a needle in Paris Hilton’s arm…lol

    1. You should shove a roll of toilet paper down your throat cuz all thats coming from your mouth is SHIT

    2. George Clooney…. did you love her? Did you want to have all her babies? Are you going to make a rant on your pc saying… “Leave Amy Whinehouse alone. She a person TOO. Leave her ALONE,” and put that on youtube? You’ll be right next to the rant about Britney Spears. LOL

    3. Hahaha so just if you don’t know someone you can ridicule them – after death- to make your little fag self feel better? It’s not that it’s Amy Winehouse, anyone who dies deserves to rest in piece. It’s little bitches like you that can’t make a good life for themselves and the only satisfaction and happiness you get in your miserable life is to look at people that are suffering. And really? The leave Britney alone insult is sooo fucking outdated, fucking tool hahaha

    4. Hahaha little bitch you need to learn better fucking insults and even while struggling through her addiction guess what? She got five fucking grammys. I bet all your fatass does is sit in your dark little room at your mommys house jack off to gay porn and look at THIS shit to make your ugly ass feel a little better about your pathetic excuse for a life. Get a real life AWAY from the computer monitor fag

    5. hahaha Clooney is mad ” Leave her alonnnnne”
      yeah like you said ”Rest in pieces” hahaha

    6. u mad bro?

      and why the hypocrisy? not ok to make fun of dead folk but is perfectly ok to rid on gays or poor people? want some kleenex?

    7. To George Clooney: Nature thrives by ridding of the weak, only humans make themselves weak on purpose. Winehouse is better off in the ground, but then again, that is now polluting the environment.

  3. I don’t understand how people find humor in death. This woman was clearly suffering and people want to be assholes about it.

    1. lots of people die every day, she was no special, just a stupid pop whore like many more

    2. She made her name from making light of her drug problem.
      Ironic isn’t it?
      Her death wasn’t a tragedy. The what happened in Norway was a tragedy. A blind man could see this coming from a mile away.
      But hey, least she died doing what she loved.

    3. Gina & Clooney, I’m there with you guys. Those jokes were funny to read, it was funny to see her fail performing drunk, yes, she was a mess, but now, when she’s dead, none of it seems funny at all. I bet, almost everyone thought she would have a better ending. And, she had a talent. And most (I probably won’t be too wrong if I say ALL) haters that come here and laugh about someone’s death, let it be M.Jackson, or Winehouse, DO NOT. You need to be good people, and you need to learn how to show some love, kindness or, at least, respect to others. It’s like you making a joke out of 9/11. YOU CANNOT LAUGH WHEN SOMEONE DIES. Doesn’t matter who it is…
      Aahh, you won’t understand it anyway, until someone will hear shit you say and beat all the shit out of your brainless heads. So, who am I trying to teach. Useless.

  4. Camden drug dealers announce profit warnings for next quarter…manager of Camden BoozeBusters commits suicide…

    I think Frankie Boyle summed it up when he said Winehouse looked “like a camnpaign poster for neglected horses!”

  5. Fuck all of you lonely pieces of shit she had family and friends who loved her it makes me fucking sick to think this is what people have been reduced to, selfish, disgusting, apathetic excuses for human beings who have to mock the loss of a human life because you’re all unhappy with yours. Maybe when all YOU fuckers die you’ll have a bunch of pussies making a joke out of your death too.

    1. Oh no! Oh my god what I said is bad because I’m not mocking a person in death! Then shut your fucking eyes pussy

    2. Dan Aykroyd? You must be a fag hahaha DAN AYKROYD BITCHEZZZ like OMG I love lady gaga and getting my ass pounded!

    3. Go fuck yourself clooney.
      She tempted fate and lost.
      I feel no sorrow for her passing.
      Fucking dipshit addicts like her are the reason drugs are illegal.

  6. Hahaha this site used to be funny all the ugly fat retards that come on here killed it fuck epic fail and all the faggots that run it and comment their mindless, ignorant crap. PEACE, you fucking nasty dogs!!

    1. A-typical alpha male syndrome here. Wants to lead the pack but is forced to leave before his pride is too damaged. Like when life slaps you in the face and says ‘try again’

    2. LMAO George Clooney…it’s terrible to mock someone in death, right? I have to ask by your standards it is ok to pretty much call everyone you ever disagreed with *ahem* Fat, Retarded/Tards,Fags,Faggots,Pussies,lonely,single, and basement dwellers? Did I miss any? You are a sad little boy, lol. Find a good cause if you are going to take a half assed stand that turns into a mindless insult rant. Someone that actively chooses to continue a deadly combination of addictions is not an epic tragedy..the time to mourn for her family would have been at the onset of her drug use… her early death was a mere inevitability.

    3. ..annnnd allow me to take the wind out of your sails on your temper tantrum boat… I have my own house, married, not fat or gay, and as for “tard”..I am not an english professor, but I have a slightly better grasp on english grammar than thee 😉

  7. George isnt going anywhere. He will be back. While I do feel sorry for her family and friends loss do I feel bad she died? Not one bit. She did it to her self. Thanks to all of you who have the funny comments. Makes my day sometimes.

    1. Dude! That’s wrong, really really wrong. Crackhouse did it to herself. The people in Norway were innocent victims. They didn’t deserve to have their lives ended. Wino made bad choices and self destructed.

  8. Yes 1000s of people die each day. Yes a lot of celebrities are pop whores (not including Amy) and yes Amy Whinehouse did do a lot of drugs (to the point where it killed her) but she was very talented and suffered considerably through her lack of self control, but that doesn’t give you the excuse to rank on her when she’s already dead. I’m pretty sure you’d want the same treatment. If you wanna rank on a whore, rank on Kim Kardashian.I think that’s something that all of society can agree on.

  9. People are foul.
    No one needs to feel sorry for someones death. But to make jokes and disrespect the name they left behind is just pathetic.
    She was clearly no saint. But anyone who thinks this is funny is a disgusting excuse for a human being.

  10. Are you serious that can’t really be George Clooney…wtf is wrong w u? Ok she’s dead, and that fact in and of itself is not funny…but the comments are fucking hilarious..and how are you gonna call people pussies and fags while you’re typing your tantamount like a little bitch?!? It’s like they said, she did it to herself..she wasn’t fucken suffering. She chose her lifestyle..she obviously loved heroin, she rolled the dice and lost, if other people find humor in that, then hey, at least they can see the silver lining:)

  11. Damnit..this auto fill is killing me..should have said typing your RANTS…my bad..maybe whoever programmed this phone was on dope too…

  12. I mean, if you sell yourself to the public this is just part of the deal. People relish in your life, even after it’s over. Everybody dies, famous people just have famous deaths. Nobody deserves to die at 27 but I mean… nobody should have to hold your hand either. Famous or not.

  13. if a person was not respected when alive, why would they become respected at the time of their death? if this is the case, then all people of questionable character would be elevated onto a pedestal when they die, only because they died. in the case of winehouse(ironic name for an abuser), she brought this unto get out of life what you put into it.

  14. Clooney, Gina, and Andrew all have valid points and I agree with them for the most part, but they came at it in a way these l33t sp3@k3rs don’t like nor can understand. They are so diluted, overstimulated, and numb that most of them are incapable of feeling most true emotions (aside from negative ones) especially empathy. They find no real value in human life because most of them believe in evolution and that we are all just animals that are here by accident. If they do value human life, they limit it to those they love, which is limited to very few. Their view of themselves is so negative that they take splendor in others’ failures to make themselves feel better about their lives and choices. I’m sure most of them come from broken homes or parents that didn’t really care about, or for, them. They probably gave them whatever they wanted so they didn’t have to deal with their manipulation and bitching, which the rational people in this convo had to deal with. These people even went as far as to call themselves l33t, or “elite”, when in reality they are completely consumed by technology and the internet where they find their comfort, company, sexual gratification, entertainment, and most likely their job to the point where they have no real social life. They are either programmers, computer techs, web developers, or in some other tech related field. Instead of coming at them with an internet argument (which is truly pointless because no matter what, they’ll convince themselves that they “won” which will only validate their hollow sense of superiority), take pity on them and if you believe in God, pray for them. They choose their life of hollow pleasure and true misery and there isn’t anything we can say or do to reach them….

  15. i find it funny how people continue the conversation even after it died down………. amy winehouse??? who the fuck cares what happened…… randomness ftw

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