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    1. First to say FIRST….hmmm tree monkeys….. come to Israel i will pop you all 😀 No homo


    3. Lol. Maybe they don’t have no work. But they got more money then you!

      To Dipshit (What you said is just gay, no “no homo” working here, you didn’t insult him you said you mastrbate over his papa picture totally gay…)

    1. rusty, dusty ass machete.. and look at that stupid look on his face… these are the tards that give salvadorians a bad name

  1. Gee…just what the US needs…more Mexican douche bags.
    I’m torn as to which is worse….moolies or these spicaners.

    1. Yeah what we really don’t need racist piece of shits like this running around. Roccol should be dragged in the street and shot! My son is half el salvadorian, so fuck you and fuck that pissant brain of yours!

    2. They are in an El Salvador gang that I have heard of so yeah these losers can go but that’s just a stereotype, any race can have some bad people in them. I’m white and have a 50% Mexican/50% American girlfriend and she is the nicest sweetest person you will ever know.

      Btw tattooing your face is like the worse idea ever lol I laugh at people that do that. It’s completely ridiculous. You have your whole body to ink yourself up why your face?

    3. they’re not from mexico, they’re from el salvador, basically the same thing. that’s like saying, they’re not white, they’re from canada

    4. Dam this person RoccoL must be a racist ass cracker!! fuckin lazy ass cracker these mexicans are out here doin the shit you dont want nd then you dont want no hispanics here?? Who else is gonna do the shitty ass jobs yall crackers wont do?

    5. Nd at Dave… mexico nd el salvador are not the same you dumbass!! dont you know ur continents?? WTF i didnt know there were so many dam ignorant, lazy, racist, motherfucker here!! Go back to school Dave nd learn again so you can leave a different comment!!

    6. Just because they are in a MS gang, does not mean they are from El Salvador. These gangs are all over the place in central and north America. Judging by the shirt with the drank and the tattoo that says H-Town, I would say that these guys are from Texas, specifically Houston, idiots.

  2. This is a fail in more ways than one. First of all, writing all over your face, ONLY a win if your a bad ass walock, sign language O.o even tho I see a cute dino and a miserable Spock impression, and the butter knife is not sanitized… I bet the kid has nightmares about loosing iq by growing up…

  3. They’re all doing different things with their hands. Does that mean they’re in different gangs? Is this like that Chappelle Show sketch with the pimp ball, or whatever it was?

    1. I know for a fact that the 2nd guy is in MS-13 because of the tat on his forehead. The 1st guy has the common hand sign from the gang and the 3rd and 4 have similar hand sign that are seen from the gang, but not really sure on the 3rd guy for a fact.

  4. The machete looks a mess, I’ve seen sharper corners on a cardboard box. What’s he planning to do with it, beat someone to death?

  5. DUMBASSES All Y’allllllllll.
    They’re From Houston, Can’t You See ‘HTOWN’
    Tatted On His Arm?! Now Hop Off Our Diiiiicks,
    This Is Normal For The South ;

    1. Create an open season for illegals and I bet there will be no more in 5 years. All we need is no bag limits and year round seasons and the cockroach problem is relieved.

  6. any one got problems jus let me know. Monster prolly love to see this shit. All i got to say is, bitchin about what other people do to their body is fuckin retarded. you do you. Monster if you aint blastin you aint lastin.

  7. These fools are not Mara,just because they have face tattoos doesn’t make them Maras. They kid on left has H-Town on his lower arm Maras tattoo MS-13, MS etc……These fools look like Tango Blast ie the Purple Drank T-shirt, H-Town tatts and yes that gang is primarily Mexican……..The sign probably their version of the capital “H” for Houstone….

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