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    1. You want to sit in a store aisle screaming about magical flying spirits and seizing? Go right ahead.

    1. ye but Satan sure was overchallenged with this, poor Satan, he even told her, he wont go for her, but she still mocked him..

      fuckin job sucks

    1. WTF!!! did u really jus say that?? all races have those that act like this and worst…dont jus single out ”blacks”…ignorant!

    2. RoccoL, do a favour to Humanity and lock yourself in home, cuz’ we don’t need racist scum. Thank you 🙂

    3. I guess all whites are serial killers and rapists because Oh look we have Jeffrey Dahmer, the zodiac killer, Charles Manson, Phillip Garrido, and that other white dude who kidnapped a little 8 year old boy in Brooklyn, took him to his home, tied him up on his bed, drugged him and then proceeded to chop his body into pieces before hiding the body parts in various parts of said home. And then there’s the child abusers – The Christian Choate story? He was the boy who got locked in a cage by his white parents and left to die. Yep, all whites are totally like that, I forgot. Plus, they’re all racists too! What a lovely group of people.

    4. Hey asshat…
      Sarcastic or not.
      Why dont look at the US Dept of Justice or FBI’s real stats involving serial killers in the US?
      Hmmm…you might be surprised to find that black serial killers are represented in a disproportionate manner when it comes to their overall % of population.
      Seems the bruthas have a taste for blood.

    5. Okay but still, RoccoLoser, your pure and perfect race is practically known for going where you don’t belong and wrecking havoc in peaceful places. Kinda like a homewrecker, you messed with the Africans, Native Americans… bet ya’ll knew damn well not to mess with the chinas cause they’ll whip your pale ass bwahaha… And you can say shit like “well look how America turned out”, but newsflash, america is in the shitty shitter and it’s all your foreplay fathers’ faults for leaving Yourupe! Boohoo

    6. By the way, you’re lying… that’s all your kind is known for LYING.. you lied to the native americans about taking over their land, plus a lot of other things… look up your history, your rap sheet isn’t so great

      Oh yeah, and your men were even raping back then, you guys loved to rape the ethnic girls didn’t you? Why not just have sex with your pure white queens? Hmmm…

    7. seriously im tired of seeing racial things like these…race, religion, class doesn’t matter…stop being a prick…if we really want to have a bright future we go have to stop concentrating on wht separates us..i don’t have a problem wit anyone based on race, class, gender or sexual orientation..u need to stop nd think bout wht u say bfore u say it cuz stupidity occurs right across the board…i bet tons of white people cant point out big ole africa on a globe…nd thts bad yo but nobody cares as long as thts the minority..

    8. Dude Roccol watched American history x and now thinks he has the inside info on racial stats. First the feds don’t have that stats made up and if they did it wouldn’t be available. To the public cuz that would be a lawsuit. Racial profiling you dumb shit. Everything this douche says is just shit stain gibberish. He’s got no real proof for anything other than how many times he can fuck his grandmom and suck his granddad’s dickin a 24 hour period.

    1. And it looks like you are an illiterate dumbass who is afraid to type “you’re” properly.

  1. Equinsu ocha!
    What does “equinsu ocha” mean?
    White devil.
    Well, tell him I’m not.
    I only met you. How do I know? Equinsu ocha! Equinsu ocha!
    He said…
    Let me guess. “White devil, white devil”?
    Yes. You speak Wachootoo?

  2. 5 bucks says that was an act so someone in the store could steal. Also, I love how the lady in black at the counter never turns around.

    1. Unfortunately yes, I am proud to be an American, but HATE having these kinds of people living here, they give America a bad name. I look at this imbecile and think, go back to your jungle!

  3. Why,Why,Why,do they keep letting them in?yea don’t see Americans flooding other countries with our speaking English and sucking the shit out of the food stamps and ripping off the food shelve in their country,OH that’s right we are the ones feeding them now they come to our dinner table and bitch if its not the okra they asked for,man now i don’t feel bad about painting a guys house and they were looking for a place to rent so i showed them around and got the deposit and first months rent plus paid for the 2 hour paint job,ha ha take that you fuckin idiots,besides our government handed it to them so they handed it to me,hope they didn’t try to bring furniture in after i left,ha ha

    1. You’re an idiot. Don’t worry, there’s 350 million idiots in this world so you’re not alone. This is you: dishonest, racist, bigot, un-educated, illiterate, fuck-stick. So, the ‘foreigners’ who are renting in your country can call the police, who will ask ‘who was doing the painting’ and you’ll be charged with theft and probably fraud. Just so you know, this isn’t an American only site, and us foreigners feel very correct in hating your very existence.

    2. u need to either go back, stay in, or pay more attention in school but imma leave u with this…think of what America would be like if it cut all its ties with all other countries?? if ur educated ull knw wht will happen…all about tolerance..we need u..u need us.

  4. What the fuck is this? The 14th Century? If the world was heavily populated with people of religious caliber, homosexuals would have been wiped off the face of the planet.



  7. what killed me was the woman behind her at the counter. she didn’t even turn around…like it was a perfectly normal day! LOL

  8. What did she do when she first came in the store. Doing this foolishness why do we come out in public to make a scene. Seems like she was have a special moment all down on the floor. And she was not that crazy or insane when he told her he was calling the police, she jumped quick. Even after she got up doing the jerk several times. WOW!!!!! Really, in public acting a donkey!

  9. This is really something, first what was she doing when she first came into the store, did they not notice she was having her special moments. And to cut-up and act a donkey…..WOW!!! It’s fun and then again it’s not but please someone needs to get her some help, ridlyn, prozact, something that’s hotmess!!

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