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  1. lol nice! +1 for the chick that got there first to stop the guy. Seems the men finished second this round 😛

    1. Seriously, I thought she was gonna lay a beatdown on him for that…then it woulda been +100! 😀

  2. I cant believe they just let him walk away. If the thief knew how to ride a bike he would have been out of there before the woman made it out the door. people who steal need to be beat.

    1. What makes you think he got away? They have a video of him caught in the act. There’s no need to further risk your own safety and there’s a fine line between bravery and stupidity.

  3. J, the guy cut the lock off the chain, watch him carefully and you will see pull the cutters out of the backpack then put them back in after cutting

  4. The bike was locked he had bolt cutters in his pack actually it even fell out when he dropped his pack trying to get away and he bent down and pick them up,any ways he should have gotten a beating because its obvious he been doing this for a while,how many folks carry a set of bolt cutters around on a regular basis

  5. They fail for letting the fucker go… I would of closelined the fucker if I was her and then contine to stamp on his face till the cops arrive

  6. glad they got the bike but really why didnt they smash the f**ker, i’d hav loved 2 hav been there at that time cuz no dout he wud b a reformed criminal by now cuz he’d get it bad, watta tramp

  7. Did you see the ghost come up behind the first girl right when they pass the glass…it seems to fly away from her and disappear in the corner of the building!

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