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    1. Yeah, but that modification (‘bagal heads’) isn’t permanant…It only lasts like 24 hours….

  1. It’s called body modification for a reason! People do things to there bodies because they feel better about themselves with what they do not for dumb ass people to say shit about it and call it a fail

    1. I’m all for individuality but these people aren’t trying to become themselves through modification, they’re trying to become the vampires they saw on TV… it’s pathetic.

    2. Inferiority complex… over compensating for feeling that they are unattractive leads them to do things to themselves to “distract” everyone else from this fact..unfortunately the steps people take with this complex..usually actually makes them unattractive to most people..and I agree with Nicky..this isn’t is trying to carbon copy their (not there) idols in some way.

    3. no it is fcking fail shit….people with no mind do this tinks…WTF you may think to become like that…..for this people are sick and nothink more (body modification and shit) just to take money for sick people like those girls up there -.-

    4. SWEET JESUS p.. Trying to read that hurt my brain..and eyes..and trying to read it out loud caused train wrecks and bats to fly into walls…lol.

  2. If the girl on the right didn’t get smacked with a hammer in the middle of her head she might be somewhat attractive(even with the freak-tard shit on her face)..

    1. Nah, subcutaneous injections of Hartmann’s solution, their bodies will just absorb it and the bump will go down. They’ll be nicely hydrated though 🙂

  3. Individuality my ass. Some people are born without limbs. Be happy with what you’ve got. If you’re that much of a sheep before this kind of modification, no amount of injections or piercings is going to ever change you on the inside!!

  4. As if the one on the left wasn’t hideously ugly in the first place …. I threw up in my mouth a little.

    1. Its fad for night clubbers in Japan. This isn’t new, its been going for nearly half a decade. There was an article in web-based news’papers’ a couple years back. Its just a saline solution, that is safely absorbed into the body over night, so the next morning, you haven’t lost your normal appearance. Go learn something before making such a judgement.

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