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    1. wow Max7up is a total buzz-kill “why the girl is so happy that she’ll become fat” let her eat how is this prolly 13-14 years old how in the fuck is she going to fat off one burger moron. you are probably one of those idiots who makes young girls feel like shit if they eat a grape. fuck off and die

    2. Chachaquee +1. Words can affect people more than you think..So shut the fuck up, people, before opening it.

    1. you dont have to understand people,
      force people to understand you.
      Fun Tzu
      the art of trolling

    1. does´nt matter…chefs a pedo..and not the catholic kind.. therefore the girl gets more meat.

    1. Dude all these guys on here talkin about the friggin girl she looks no older than 14! Ur all some friggin perves seriously!

    2. I bet you’re belgian and you live in a cave, and you’re unemployee and you like going to the kids park to find fresh meat for your dinner.

    1. Guess if there’s no grass in the field play in the mud huh. Bet you’d make her cry twice by rubbing your bloody D*** on her favorite teddy bear.
      Sexual Harassment Panda is not amused.

    2. Guys you mad? Anyway, I would like to penetrate her tender anus with my giant veiny cock while eating this delicious burger

  1. mini buger punishment for having a mod lesbian’s haircut. If he had tits, they would be strapped down with an ace bandage. If he had a dick, it would be made of rubber and fastened to a leather jock strap.
    He should have to eat that in the corner.

  2. It’s terribly sad that most people don’t realise that is far more food than you actually need. They eat till they have sated their hunger and eat more and more and more. And voila, you’re another fat walking heart attack waiting to happen.

  3. Why is this tagged “older sister win”? If she keeps eating this crap, she’ll gain 200 kg within a year or so.

  4. Some sisters can be bitches. They feed themselves large food and leave their younger brothers small food. Then when they get fat and not a lot of people will want them anymore, that’s when they start getting emotionally upset.

  5. hahahaha poor kid, thats just sad… i bet he feels crowded. I know i do when i have to order off of the kids menu.. i feel his pain haha

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