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  1. This may be the the northern side of the Black Sea in the Ukraine or Russia. Russia is a country of alcoholics, and Russians will drink, and drink hard, at the drop of a hat. It’s part of the culture. So they laugh at the guy in the video, and by evening most are just as drunk.

    1. you sir are a retard that was not russia there was no snow and the guy was wearing no shirt and just because you are a racist does not mean russia is a country of alcoholics

    2. All of Russia has snow on it at all times? I mean the guy you were telling that to is an idiot I agree but…I mean come on by that statement if I am NJ I can say I am in PA to cause it has trees.

  2. i was hoping he ripped the back off of it and someone would be sitting inside. now THAT would’ve been an epic fail.

  3. its in Poland ;P And thoes peoples hawe som fun out this guy saying “you must have a 2 or 5 zloty ($ in USA)” or “you must knok to get in” 😉

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