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    1. Omg! The whole black people and chicken thing is lame as hell, bro…and so is the whole first to comment and first to click bull shit.

    2. Im sure you were the first to quit school and now you have time to wait and be the first to click fail and comment. You know what you are first at… Getting a blow job from a piranha… Suck a fat one, choke on it and die

    1. Fat chicks are fun. Unfortunately, that fat chick has a pretty face but a horrible ass. “That’s a no go, Ghost Rider”!

  1. I don’t know about you guys but i would do so many illegal things with the one in the yellow shorts, including jaywalking

  2. how is it a fail? a lot of men (whether they admit it publicly or not) love BBW’s. the main fail is that the curvy woman is the prettiest in the pic.

    1. I agree, the closest I see to a fail is the Hawaiian shorts, and the long sleeve shirt at what is obviously a summer themed party.. And why is it a fail that the biggest of the girls is the prettiest? shout out to the big girls!

  3. there are actually 5 girls in the picture… black shirt, yellow shirt, striped shirt, baby blue and the girl she ate right before the photo

    1. I guess, if you like that bald black man with some hair stapled onto the back of his head look.

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