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  1. has she something in the eye or what?? i think that my dog can sing more than that sea cow
    she has a tik in the mouth and in the eyes? lalalalala on the floor,brazil lalalala londo to ilalala
    i just heard lalalalalalalala

  2. w0w its some epic cover with sick new lyrics

    “Mondom to Obiba” in the part “london to ibiza”

    girl u got that! keep singing…. NOT!

  3. You have to love the irony that there are so many Beiber posters in the background, yet she sounds more boyish than he does. :p

  4. it wasnt go that fucked her over it was her 2 foul looking sorry humans she calls mommy and daddy that decided to make a child or have sex knowing a repercusion could be a child that looked like this. it took me like a whole minute to figure out this was a girl

  5. haha so frikkin insane is she on drugs or something and if not who the fuck would ever post this on the internet lol haha Epic Fail
    <—- (Legendary Never Fails)

  6. Well at least we know she got her singing abitlities from the music she listens to, according to the posters in the background. 🙂

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