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  1. Weak…This site should now be called Epic Text Fails…since every other post is some bullshit from a text message.

  2. i guess he left his nuts at his house cause he was too chicken shit to tell her in person. probably because he would of been popped LOL

    1. Thank you websters. I’ll remember that when I write my effin memoirs and make sure to include you in it…

    2. look at my tag, i never said I was an english major, you just assumed that I would somehow thank you for your ability to knitpick someones errors, like it’s some douchbag bullied kid competition on the web.

    3. The best way is to get her drunk and let your friend sleep with so in the morning you say how could i can’;t be with you, not only do you break up with, but you can get pity sex from another girl two birds one stone my friend

    4. The best method to kill 2 birds with 1 stone is to wait until they are standing close together. Using a large rock is also a good method.

      P.S. I got Masmium’s joke… Once in a game a friend berated me and ended it by calling me a “genus”. To which I replied “It’s genius…you genus!”

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