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    1. first what? First member of your inbred family to have a computer? First of your inbred family to learn how to read? First of your inbred family to figure out how to use ‘shift + 1’ to make a ‘!’??

  1. About as talented as your average mainstream rap ‘artist’… so not talented at all… but at least this guy has the excuse of being permanently stoned…

    1. nigga what rappers are u lisoning 2 u need 2 open yur rapper list instead of lil wayne young jeezy yo gotti drake in those other mainstream rappers look up big k.r.i.t and cyhi da prince

  2. Oh wow no RoccoL racist comment . no surprse there. This guys looks like a fine upstanding white guy in his eyes i guess. If this guy were black he’d be callig him all kinds od derogatory crap . RoccoL = LOSER.

  3. I want to do some white rap too……….

    Sippin on a water bottle with no juice in it
    I need a shower, rehab and some god damn boost minutes
    check out my sick jersey, unbuttoned, with no shirt
    I’m the only white dude in this town, with no work
    I love crack and cushy ass bitches with fat tushies
    cant snack bushy black pussy cuz crack made my sack mushy
    but this is hip hop, I’ll lick the bottom of your flip flop
    or the tip of a nigs cock for one hit of a big rock
    3 day bender with no dinner covered in sinner sweat
    Anyone question how I even have access to the internet?

  4. AWE!Now don’t that make you Proud to be An American? The guy has some sort of attraction to us folks because we watched it all the way through.I think he poses as an excellent view of what you look and feel like when your out on binge just chilling with not a care in the world,In other words we have all been there,ha,heh,heh ha

  5. This is def a WiN. Tupac dont have nothing on this dudes shit. Im going to sign him to my label, dont all you haters be jealous! WiNNiNG!

  6. You have very low funds to buy another rock. You have one more chance to get some crack before you start withdrawing. This makes me ashamed to say I’m from Detroit, i think that guy asked me for change once

  7. This video kind of scared me….ok lets say its 330 am and your tv is on in your living room blasting this in the dark….Tell me that isnt

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