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    1. I’m pretty sure Neto and Larry have shared an eskimo pie at one point and Larry pee’s in neto’s butt on a regular basis. That’s a true story, I’m sure of it.

    2. I’m pretty sure Larry is a fail at life because the teacher is obviously married (she was called Mrs. J)and obviously has a job. Larry is single and has no job, yet he still has the guts to call her a bitch? Well, i could be wrong, but i don’t think he deserves to call her a bitch.

    1. Yea thats my kinda bitch! I’d ask to marry her if she was my teacher. I’d get an onion ring from the cafateria or a ring pop with my high school allowanced ass!

    2. @ asdfghjkl your screen name suits you well.You, apparently can’t spell nor figure out how to use proper grammar! Why would one say “She’s just proven he is point”? I love how people criticize someone over proper spelling and grammatical skills yet, still can’t use them correctly.

    1. If she said it to a current student, probably. But to a grown ass man who started a flame war on Facebook? Believe me, not even Larry’s mama would throw the book at her.

  1. hahaha, it’s about damn time you seen a Teacher own a kids ass! too damn awesome. this is easily the best Fail/Win i’ve ever seen, i gotta link this shit on facebook 😀

  2. I had a Mrs. Johanson in Colton High School (CHS) I wonder if this is referring to the same one. Either way… So Genius and SUPER LEGIT!

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