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  1. Fucking Jared……….back on the wagon. Pitty! He was doing so well. He could see his dick, he finally got respect and some scattered ass from his followers.
    McDonald’s is like pussy…… doesnt really taste all that good but for some reason, we still eat it.
    Only thing is….eating pussy when I’m hungover doesnt make me feel better.
    Fucking the world with the Hamburglars Cock!

  2. Subway is gross. The meat and veggies always taste off, like they were reused from the previous day. Quiznos would be a much better alternative if they weren’t so fucking expensive.

  3. actually, anybody who has worked in food service (as I have) can understand this. most restaurants offer employees some food as a way to justify the low wage. eating the same food as you serve day after day gets old real quick. as a change of pace, it is only natural to seek out other, inexpensive alternatives. for delivery drivers, this means hitting the other fast-food joint while you’re returning from a run.

    1. totally true. when I worked at Pizza Hut 40 years ago, we would have regular trades with the McDonalds next door. we would give them the carry out no one showed up for and, they would give us the food that had been on the warmer past it’s prime. Stuff we and they were going to throw out anyway. though sometimes, there were special orders.

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