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    1. @ Chopper; YEP pussies, fags and bitches are ALWAYS first to cry, (in a winy voice) “FIIIRRRRST!!!”

    1. Oh but they can, he’s not even the first to do this. Some years ago a boyscout managed to build a make shift nuclear reactor (basically a matal foil with radioactive stuff wrapped in it) in a shed, when counters in the house standing across a lawn started to tick, he finally realized that might go terribly wrong.

    1. He looks exactly like I though he did. It’s another version of Anders Breivik, the nazi killer. Swedish, norwegian….They all seem so polite and well educated , but in fact, they’re dirty nazis inside.

  1. Trying to stick to a theory is what made him test it in the first place. Curiousity is a bitch. Fun Theory 1. Can a girl blow up your ballsack using your dick like a tube? Fun Theory 2. If you ran through a women’s locker room naked, at full attention, will u eventually hit a Target? Time to play human darts.

    1. You’re unnecessary, unfunny and an obvious cunt. If you’re gonna make an insult at least be funny with it. Lame comment.

    1. yeah, in america they cook meth, and only where they are smart enough to split fucking atoms… DO THEY SPLIT ATOMS!!! have to remove the smart part now… LOL

    1. The only difference is regulation, there was none when einstein was working on nuclear fission. No difference except a huge government pricetag. People are allowed guns and to live in urban areas, I think we have a better chance dying by a gun in a city over being exposed to any radiation caused by this guy.

  2. thats EXACTLY why the science slowed down in 21st century if they would arrest marrie curie she would never have found x ray lol

    1. WOW… valid. yeah i guess you would almost have to give it up to the guy for having brains and shit to understand and do operations – except the fucking part where he says: “the project wasn’t such a good idea” – THAT my friends is why he is L.O.C.K.E.D. THE FUCK UP!!!

  3. This guy was trying to split an atom… in his free time… as a freaking hobby… in a day and age when people are becoming more and more idiotic and lazy… FUCKING. WIN.

  4. He’d need a large amount of water to contain the radiation (maybe an in-ground swimming pool could do it) but if he can actually obtain the minerals needed to create control rods (probably not an issue considering he had uranium in his house) and his math was good enough that he wouldn’t need to worry about displacing coolant and causing an uncontrolled power-surge when attempting to stop the reaction, this is all very possible, if not still a totally fucking stupid idea.

  5. what the fuck….
    possesion of americium is legal because its used in smoke detectors
    uranium too, is legal to own
    however even having radium at all (wheter legal or not) ibn your house is a very stupid thing
    it will kill you probably in less that an hour with its extreme radioactivity

  6. Fuck….I haven’t used the Home Brewing Kit I got for Christmas, and I love beer. This dude is setting up nuclear reactors in his kitchen? I need to get up off my ass.

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