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  1. That’s a win in my book… Mexican Superman… just like the original except sleeps a lot more and instead of Kryptonite, his one weakness is US immigration officials…

    1. If it’s south of the USA in America, it’s Mexico in my book (a book without geography).

  2. uh oh! superman forgot to button up his disguise! now everybody is going to know he is superman. this is awesome lol

  3. I KNOW THAT CHURCH! IS IN THE STATE OF GUANAJUATO 😀 HAHAHAHA, a lot of ugly people lives in Guanajuato and central Mexico xD

  4. hahahahahaha…… it’s the AMERICAN SUPERMAN with no culture or strenght to continue he’s boring ass life with hopeless and homeless soul…. he’s retirement in Mexico to survive after having to give he’s life away for no reason hahahahahahaha……

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