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    1. yea vanillarain is going through a personal stage right now. you see hes a little bitter about his baby penis and that he cant get a girl, so he tries to sound cool online. I even bet he will get back on here to see if he got any attention from his comments, at 2 or 3 in the afternoon, because he probably has no job and thats when his mom will wake him up because she dosnt want him to sleep his day away and then be up all night on the internet.

    2. oh i forgot to say that he will probably reply back because of the reasons listed above. but as for me, i will probably not even to think to get back on here to reply back to anyone. I type then get on with my life.

  1. Is this really an Epic Fail? I mean, come on…she isn’t even that fat, she is a big girl with really hot friends. I guess that means she shouldn’t go outside anymore.

  2. Wait, is the fail the fact that every girl in the picture is almost flat chested? Because EVERY group of girls has a token fat chick to maker them feel better about themselves. But notice how they chose one with tiny tits too? Usually day chicks have huge tits.

    1. they could actually like her and not be fucking shallow, and they dont need someone to make themselves better because they are abviously smoking hot.

  3. i hate it when the “fail” is an overweight girl. yeah, morbidly obese people i can understand, but this girl doesn’t look gross to me at all. she’s having a good time with her friends, smiling, even has the balls to wear a bikini when she knows she’s not a size 2. i call this a win.

    1. which one are you? Be more specific, then give me your address and phone number. I have a friend that likes bigger girls, he thinks your friend is hot, we should double date.

  4. i have even tried to include her in a couple of threesomes to make her feel better about herself,but no takers yet.

    1. personally, I prefer to judge people on their stupidity. Sex is fun no matter how much meat the chick has on her and if her friends want to play too, all the better. But to be fair, someone that big shouldnt be wearing a two piece and she should be re-educated on what actually looks good on someone of her build.

    2. If you’re the one in the middle, I’d pound that fatty into a coma to get a crack at you.

  5. people shouldn’t be discriminated against for their size. this is a WIN, not a FAIL! — the fact that these girls are having a great time together & don’t care about size-obsessed jerks. the average size of women in the US is 150 pounds, y’know.

    1. Shut up, this isn’t that kind of website. Everyone rags on other peoples stupid choices in life- in this case fat girl choosing to wear tiny bikini and stand next to her skinny friends. Besides this girl isn’t even 150, she’s more like 230.

  6. Yes, just that they like all white woman but they can’t get the hot ones, so they keep the loveless fat ones that nobody wants.

  7. Have you noticed that in every group of hot girls there is always the fat, bitter, blocking, overprotecting bitch? i hate them! they just can stand being the only ones that don’t get hit on.

    1. How do you know if she’s a bitter, blocking, overprotecting bitch? Maybe she happy the way she is.

  8. I would fuck em all… even the chubby one, i think she would be even more grateful than the others to give her the “meat injection”..

  9. how the hell are people saying she isn’t that fat? jeez!! she is fucking fat as fuck!only someone wayy fatter would say that. and how the hell is there always one fatty with a bunch of hotties. they should put her in the middle and not on the end, then she wouldn’t stick out so badly.

  10. UMMM, ya’ll better get off her.
    So this is a “fit in fail”
    I didn’t know you had to be friends with skinny pretty people just because you are skinny people. Lemme find out ya’ll are HATERSSS. Lmfao, smh.

  11. Why does everything have to be an issue about race where the fuck do u see that logic come into play!? you’re an ignorant dumb fuck

  12. How the HELL is this a fail? Because she’s comfortable enough with her body to wear a bikini with her friends? At what looks like a PRIVATE dock?

    Grow up.

  13. i dont know who posted this picture, I get it that you guys are just trying to have some fun, but the truth is that pictures like this really hurt people. I am not going to sit here and beg you to take it off but whoever posted this I would really appreciate it if you could take this picture down because I happen to know every single one of these girls including the one on the end and fortunately she has not seen this and I would like to keep it that way because she is a good person who is going through things in life right now because of shit like this. IF you have a problem with this you can take it up with me directly and we can discuss it, otherwise i would really like this picture to come down.

  14. she (big one ) has a cute face, but she needs to stay away from the buffet and mc d”s ,have a little respect for yourself , and go on a diet!

  15. Oh my shits, it’s a fat girl and she’s *gasp* in public? Associating with *gasp* non fat people? FFS people, get over your own issues, none of you look like those girls, either.

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