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    1. That’s okay Reggie. You just confirmed it for the rest of us. Thanks buckaroo. Question though: Is it still heterosexual when you cram your whole fist in your butt everyday?

  1. I was shocked when i scrolled down and see this!!! This guy hands out flyers on Flatbush Ave. between Nevins and Livingston in Brooklyn every day! Monday thru Friday. He wears Wigs and short skirts and heels and looks a hot damn mess. lmao.

    1. Is your user name referencing Cage Kennylz? If so…….you have outstanding taste in music. Cage is my all time favorite MC.
      I came home to make music weirder than De La’s
      but Bobbito knew I was butters, like Professor Chaos.

    1. u r so racist! A lot of the black people that i know are nicer than the white people that i know! I hope u die of HIV/AIDS u racist asshole!! Its people like u who ruin America! Its people like u who ruin the lives and minds of young children! And its people like u who go to hell, because God doesn’t judge people by the color of their skin, he judges them by whats on the inside. Do u really think God wants u to criticize his creations? and the funniest thing is, I’m not even religious and i know this!! So i hope u r not religious because if u r, then u r a disgrace to ur family, ur church, and ur religion.

  2. Much thanks to the person who posted this picture of me. It is such a wonderful, reasonable, loving world where sweet people enjoy insulting and attacking other people just for being themselves! But what’s more wonderful is that I could give a howling fuck stuck to a flying pig what you all think of me! Now, aint THAT a bitch? Much love to you all! – (hot mess bitch fag IT whatever-else) Vanessa!

    1. Lmao, hey vanessa! where you been? you ain’t handing out flyers on flabush and fulton anymore? i figured when it got hot we would have your hot mess @ss to look and laugh at. lmao

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