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  1. jerome was pretty sexy. i’d fight him if i got a kiss. i’d get my ass whooped tho. then again i am a girl and half his size

    1. EVERY GIRL is Lesbian deep down (or rather, between her fantasies there’s the one about have sex with one of her friends).. but about men, speak for yourself dude..

    2. @jsk0323: Looks like you unleashed the wrath of the gays that were in the closet. Run for your life !

    3. you might wanna check deep within but don’t speak for every guy,i have yet to find a women that hasn’t secretly wanted to have sex with another but men is a total different species,women get turned on from women all men don’t get turned on by other men,

    4. wtf you assh*les saying about EVERY girl secretly wanted to have sex with another and EVERY girl is lesbian deep down. If not every guy are gays and so are girls

  2. that was a fcking friendly win! guyz can kisses other guyz without being homo idiots..girls doing the same and theyre not lesbian too..and that was epic

    1. At first I thought it was gonna be that vid where one of the guys pretends to kiss the other and gets knocked out for it before the 1st bell goes πŸ˜€ that was pretty funny. Good to see people have a sense of humour in this day and age πŸ™‚

    1. they probably went home after the fight. rubbed each other down in massage oils. Ate some good ass, then fucked the shit outta each other till they were dripping in cum, mouth and ass!

    1. lmfao, your line made me laugh Random Commenter.
      And if Roy Jones Jr would have KEPT boxing and not stopped just to start up again and suck like he has recently, he would have thrown a punch if someone kissed him like that.

  3. Are all americans that homophobics? Or are the people chating here all under 15 y/o?

    I’am french, i’m not gay, and you guys are stupid.

    1. No, not all Americans are homophobes, just the insecure douche bags. Of which, sadly, there are a lot. But there are a lot of us here who are either LGBT ourselves or who sympathize with the cause.

    2. Just because I think being gay is wrong doesn’t make me stupid. You taking it up the ass makes you stupid.

  4. “Psych-out” WIN. Probly threw the guy off his whole game.
    And the Statue of Libery was PRE-payment for saving their asses in WWII… Also, Americans don’t hate the French, it’s the other way around and since we don’t care that those pansy, baggette eating, fools hate us, we throw it back in their faces by taunting them…. nnnni…

  5. hey! this wasn’t gay at all, they were just playing around. im pretty sure that they are both straight men but hey it gave everyone laughs did it? stop being a homophobe

  6. DAMN THAT’S HOT AS FUCK! To all the haters, walk a day in the shoes. I bet you wouldn’t last half a second, you can’t even deal with your secret homosexual feelings as it is so you mask it by making fun of it or bashing it. You don’t fool anybody. People who are secure in their sexuality don’t need to hate on others for theirs. Grow up kiddies, you can’t bring anyone lower than you already are. Gay or not any of those guys would rip you up like paper.

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