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  1. =)) wt..:)) lmao.
    I agree with jsk0323.its disgusting cause that lady in white dress, skirt or.. idk no one gives a shit,she looks like a 50 year old woman.

    1. What’s with women dressing slutty and complaining when a man stares? If I stick my finger in an electric socket and don’t like the end result, I STOP sticking my finger in the socket!

    2. Well “gringo” what’s with the guys staring at something that they can never get? And why would you stick your finger in any electrical object? And Fred ….then you wouldn’t want to look for me XD

    3. Hey, Alexandra, I was being sarcastic. If yours is clean and wartless, then you’re okay in my book. And I’d really like to peek and see if you’re telling the truth though.

    4. Haha no….but I am telling the truth and I was being sarcastic too haha well not about the cleanliness of my vag….lol

  2. First I thought the issue was that they were taking a dumb ass picture of themselves at an event important enough that everyone is all fancied up like a funeral or a wedding (OMGZ GUYS we r totally lookin hot at grandpa’s wake), but wtf? There isn’t enough porn on the internet for this guy he needs to bust a yoga move to get a picture up mom’s skirt?

  3. i see a couple fails here that girls who are in the pics have different nose shapes the old women wearing witch shoe’s and the guy who is bout 2 take a pic of what his mom panty’s look like

  4. O MY GOSH! HAHA thats crazy how obvious is that. what, just cuz hes taking the pic between his legs would make him less noticeable? hahah

    1. It’s to the left of the two cute chicks. Look at the the bottom of the white dress. If you can take a good look at the guys hand, you can see that he is holding a camera. He is taking a up-skirt shot of the woman’s panties.

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