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  1. is that a dude or a bitch? im confused it looks flat chested like a guy but yet the nails are painted lol, I shall name it… IT!!!! or it is a female n shes part of itty bitty titty committee

    1. Fake. Defies the laws of physics. Looks like the bottle is taking a huge piss in her mouth…which I would volunteer to do, free of charge.

  2. She’s obviously doing that on purpose… the real fail is that she didn’t open her mouth and thus wasted precious beer. Although it is Bud light so I suppose I can forgive her.

    1. It’s bubbling at the bottom because someone smacked the bottom of it with another bottle, thus pushing the beer out of the bottle. It works, try it.

    2. Even if it is the smack the bottle trick, why/ how did she open it at lightening speed (quick enough to get the cap out of shot) right by her face… and why is the beer pouring out and not spraying as it would… also, in bars etc they usually open bottles for you… 90% certain this is a staged photo. Columbo out.

    3. Oh… and one more thing 😉

      The bottle is less than half full… indicating that some had been consumed before spillage occurred. Columbo out again. Over.

    4. It doesn’t work that way, atleast not with that kind of flow she is getting from that beer. If this is that annoyng hit the bottle trick, it would spill out not shoot out, not enough pressure..what I think happened is she pulling the beer away from her, probably coughed or something

    5. It’s pretty simple. She was chugging bottoms up and then pulled the bottle away from her mouth while trying to stand the bottle back up. The centrifugal force of her rotating the bottle it’s what shoots the beer out and what makes it look like the beer is defying gravity. I’ve taken a pic before just like this and it does blow the mind.

      Try this yourself with a half empty bottle of anything. Hold it upside down, then rotate it real quick. The liquid stays at the top due to the centrifugal force.

    6. Christ almighty… the bottle has to be open when you do this. With an open, full bottle, you just smack the top of your bottle directly upward onto the bottom of the victims bottle. Thus creating the copious foaming at the bottom of the bottle and shooting the beer at the top of the bottle out… Just fucking try it and stop trying to deny that this works. You can also tap the top of a bottle with the bottom of another bottle, but you simply get foam coming out of the top. This is easier than the aforementioned.

  3. Someone or something smacked her arm/beer bottle. Thus, moving the bottle and the beer inside the bottle towards her face. Her reaction, and the reaction of all humans in this situation: is to oppose the action of the bottle of beer moving towards your face. She pulls the bottle back down BUT the beer inside the bottle keeps moving and splashes on her face like a load from a dick. A dick: something Dipsht doesn’t possess unless it’s in his ass.

  4. The REAL FAIL in this picture- why the fuck would you drink Bud Light? It taste like Sam Adams when it’s pee’d out of someones dick.

    1. I’m only guessing that you know what Sam Adams tastes like when it’s pee’d out of someone’s dick (as you so eloquently put it)

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