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    1. Yeah, are you calling people who post on epic fail… um… sad fucks? Hey, I have a hot gf, but she won’t do half the stuff that hotties on the internet will do.

    2. u see what u said was just plan fucking stupid cuz if u think your whole life is going 2 be a fucking disney movie u need 2 grab a gun in shot your fucking self

    3. Sorry to hear that SMRT I seem to get the emotional damaged ones that do anything sexually ….. with anyone…. example my ex-wife

  1. I thought this website was called “epic fail” why are there always epic win posts? But yes, epic comment win. The girls got disney, we got teh interwebs! And Bellenda, your name sucks and I DO have a real woman.

  2. I blame disney for allowing us men to believe that women will cook and clean like on snow white, cleaning the cottage and baking pies, women dont even know any of that anymore. Whats the first thing a woman does when she leaves the battered spouse shelter…the dished if she knows what’s good for her.

  3. Because of internet porn, I thought all woman swallowed and liked facials. After a few slaps in the mouths and getting jiz spit on me, turns out they don’t

  4. he said the right thing because if she thing every guy going 2 be goofy or that fucking duck she need 2 die the world aint no movie or a cartoon it’s the world and the world is cold i blame her parent for making her watch so many cartoon disney movies i bet this bitch wish peter pan flew in her room even though that motherfuker is gayer than bieber bitch die

    1. Me too.. :/ Thankfully my husband is well endowed so I don’t have to worry about that ever again. 🙂

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