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  1. I have an overwhelming urge to shave that man… and lick ice cream from his nipples. Don’t act like you don’t feel it too.

  2. At first glance I thought he had a big bud of marijuana growing out of the top of his head, but I don’t think you could could convince me that that is some “good shit”.

    1. I wish you had typed something witty, or funny. Put down Mommy’s smart phone and get back to flipping those burgers!

  3. Imagine how fucking bad that moolie smells?
    Anyone whose ever stood next to one of these rasta freaks knows what I’m talking about.
    These people are not like us.

  4. damn at first i thought it was some new transformers but then i scrolled down and saw this nigga and was like if i saw him i buy him a hair cut

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