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    1. Yeah, please don’t judge us all by the actions of a few morons dickheads. If you want to see something inspirational, look at the pictures of all the people who turned out for the cleanup operation!

    2. That’s like saying all Americans, or all Canadians, or all Mexicans are retarded…

      Are you sure you aren’t, Skeet?

      There are some brilliant Brits….There are some stupid Americans…..

    3. Junkie. You’re a tool. It was all black and some, but very few asians. Mostly blacks though. And they’re so stupid they posted photos on facebook of the stuff they stole. Idiots.

    4. “fuckin”

      That should be spelled “fucking”


      Has only one t and the B should be capitalised “Brits”


      Should be spelled “retarded”

      “if u ask me”

      To lazy to type “you” even though you can manage “if” and “ask”

      So who exactly is retarded?

  1. gee… I’m mad at the gov’t… let me smash the windows out of someone’s store who’s getting screwed by the gov’t just as bad as I am.

    1. Agreed. It seems that these mental defectives always tear up their own neighborhoods rather than directing their rage at the real enemy. I guess people just go for easy targets.

    1. Just remember the MOTO of the military “one shot, one kill” or the term the drill instructor uses “blood makes the grass grow”

    2. I was in the US military. Believe me when I say that it’s full of retards that know how to lose a war.

    1. @”Epic Win!”

      In England, a ‘fag’ is slang for a cigarette. a ‘ponce’ is a derogatory term for a homosexual.

      jus sayin’, ponce.

  2. why did the big fucking green shit stop him inless it was his store its a fucking riot u help each other destroy shit not stop them when did rioter’s stop each other i call this police win the cops final got rioter’s 2 turn on them selves

    1. Darkness, you are probably just like your name: Black and stupid. He’s stopping him because MOST OF BRITAIN DOESN’T WANT STUPID TWATS RIOTING AND RUINING THEIR NEIGHBORHOODS. You dumb fuck. I wish we could take people like you out back and shoot you in the fucking face. Learn how to make complete sentences. Oh wait, you’re black/stupid so you’ll only complete a sentence when it’s handed down by a judge in a courtroom.

    2. and your johnny the all knowing and seeing a fuck face i’m not in school and the last time i checked this site was called epic fail so i’m allowed 2 talk how eva i want to inless your trying 2 interview me u wanna interview somethin how bout D’S nuts motherfucker and in cause u wasnt watching the video the streets are littered with trash that only happens when there’s a riot and do u hear all the noise in the back ground my point u need 2 stop shaving your dad with a lawnmower it’s fucking up your hearing badly bitch

    3. Learn how to use coma and get your grammar right for f sake. Oh it’s UNLESS by the way. lol @ inless

    1. those fools need to wake up and realize that composite bats are the way to go, much better contact and they are lighter

  3. I really love this guy who makes the rioter eat dust!!

    I love Britain, and I don’t understand why those few British faggots make a mess of their own country…

  4. What do british people have to do with the Vancouver riot? This was at the Budget on the corner of Georgia and Homer. The rioters consisted of a few complete morons and were surrounded by a few brave people willing to try and help out. There were also several people capturing pictures and video which have since been used to help prosecute a lot of the idiots.

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