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    1. it would cut a lot more than a plastic bottle…with as easy as it went through those (and as thin as it is) it would be effective againt a person…problem is drawling the damned thing…most people wouldnt wait for you to take off your belt…and if they did the would wonder what the fuck is wrong with you. XD

    2. actually if you start taking your belt off, chances are they will wait and see if you are just retarded. The real problem would be the stupid people that think its too flexible to work that would rush in for a demonstration. I’ll stick to my rolled up magazine for defensive situations…its more demoralizing to an opponent to hand their ass to them with a magazine.

    1. belts have metal. probably wouldnt be that much of a problem unless he removed it and showed them

  1. Fresh All Day. I use to want to be a ninja when I was a kid. This belt would have gone well with my homemade ninja stars and foam nunchucks.

  2. You think it’s cool until he kills everyone he went to school with. Starting with the pe teacher. He’s gonna go to his house and start undoing his belt and the man is going to say “No billy we don’t do penis inspection day anymore”. And then bam! Poor pe teachers head is rolling around on the floor…

  3. I wouldn’t call this a ninja win rather a belt win that guy showcases no ninja talent at all ( I may be mistaken though)

  4. is it just me or didnt anyone else think that blade is too flexable? flexable that it would probably whiplash back and cut urself

    1. i hope you do know that you can cut yourself to a piece of paper? As soon as the sword has speed it becomes a lot harder to bend

  5. That’s a pretty nifty concealed weapon right there. Having said that, if you start to remove your belt at the beginning of a fight, you’ll either a) look like you’re about to rape someone or most likely b) get beaten down whilst undoing it. Real men fight with their fists anyways and only when they have to. This lad strikes me as an angry teenage loner who spends a lot of time fantasising about killing classmates. He probably shouldn’t be allowed a belt-sword.

    1. Those so called “real men” are also the ones who die young do to stupidity. A real man uses all in his environment as a possible weapon, jack ass

    2. I believe in a fair fight. If the other man has a weapon then fair enough. But I’ll never be a little coward like you who pulls a knife when he can’t win. Intelligent people can usually avoid violent situations in the first place… which puts you shit out of luck huh.

    3. There is nothing that is ever a fair fight, open your eyes and look around a fight is always gonna be one-sided till it has been “evened out”. By your lack of knowledge I will assume you have never been in the military or a great number of fights

    4. intelligence will not get you out of a fight. even being too intelligent could make people want to fight you, and if they want to bad enough, you wont get out of it. your whole logic on this situation is fail nicky

  6. yeah…by the time he’s done taking off the belt for his first ninja mission, his head will definitely roll off 50 feet away…talking about stealth skill

  7. what kinda mentally-challenged, fucked up loser carries a sword around in his belt. These social outcasts are all so damn predictable. IMO, put em all on an island in the middle of nowhere with no possibility to escape alive. Cuz once in a while, people like this get ahold of power, think back of that guy named Hitler

  8. So yeh, Im about to kick a ninjas ass and he says “hey, wait a second, I just need to get naked before we fight”. So yeh I wait for him to get undressed and he chops my fucking head off … Im such a dick.

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