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    1. You got so excited about being first that you hurriedly typed “firest”… you sir, are a pathetic. And coming from me, that really means something.

    2. you got so excited about making fun of someone that you added an “a” when you didn’t need one….you sir are pathetic

    3. I was going to type ‘a pathetic waste of oxygen’ but your sister was licking my balls and I got distracted… besides, making fun of retards who type “first” on every fucking post, without even commenting on the video, is the decent thing to do.

  1. Watch it a couple of times and it seems as if the driver of the corvette hit them on purpose like he was trying to swerve in front of them to make them stop. If that’s the case….then Epic Win!!!

  2. LOL this is so funny the guys reaction if that was me i would of walked out my car and beat the bitches ass

  3. Road Rage…guy in import car passes vette,vette guy gets pissed and says you can not and will not pass my vette you M.F.!!!LULZ!

    1. This is America. We drive on the left hand side of the car. So the guy with the camera was a passenger.

    2. hahahahaahhahha. couldnt you tell by the video that this was filmed in America, Threepwud? There was clear evidence that the sun was actually shining and a white trash Red Corvette proves it was American Soil.
      And Thank Johnny for putting you in your place. Now excuse me, I am going to go jerk off to a Hugh Grant movie.

    3. only stupid americans buy corvettes, and make sport cars that can barely go in a straight line with out spinning out like pieces of shits.

  4. Wish the video kept going so we could see that ass whoopin’ the corvette driver undoubtedly received.

    Though that would probably look bad when the video is used as evidence for the inevitable lawsuit.

  5. hahaha, He probably blew a tire from all the scrap metal falling off from the spoilers and mufflers with more cubic inches than the engines.. and why did the import car spin around with all that “down force” the spoilers must have provided. You would never see a corvette driver screaming in fear like that. hahaha funniest sh1t, great video !! wtf ! wtf! hahaha

  6. You know, I’m not the type to like American cars, I normally wouldn’t care. But this idiot crashed a $100,000 ZR1 Corvette, so yeah. btw does anyone else think this is the same guy who crashed his Veyron into the river?

  7. the biggest fail with these videos is that they NEVER show the aftermath. it gets cut at the best part! and whats with the vertical letter box??

  8. I would be quite pleased to have my heap wrecked by a $100, 000 car!
    My whole body would be hurting! My neck, my back, my neck and my back!

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