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    1. doenst look much like salvia or GHB..salvia cause the trip just doesnt take that long, and GHB is just nothing like that..anyway, w/e it is, GIMME SOME OF THAT!!!!!

  1. He went from spastic to malfunctioning android then mildly mentally handicaped! From the looks of it he smoked salvia. Probably never touched any kinda mind altering substance before and probably never will again, because when he finds out this video is all over the internet he’s gonna kill himself!

  2. I smoked Salvia from a bong and nothing like this happen to me. He might’ve been very sensitive to the drug, and damn, that was funny.

    1. Yea I don’t know why everyone always says “salvia”… I’ve smoked it a few times (many years ago), made a tea with it, took hits on a bong etc and all I got was a slightly spaced feel and some colour changes… maybe I was sold shit product.

    2. you must have done a very low extract because the higher ones put you in a completely different world.

    1. You honestly expect them to operate a camera? It’s a miracle we got that much… and it was WORTH IT!

  3. hahahaha wow this is the hardest trip off this shit iv seen in a while, besides that dude who falls out the window, if u guys havnt seen that youtube it, maddd funny

  4. and that looks like fun to anyone?i wouldn’t want any drug that does that shit to me and Ive done just about every drug known to man kind since 1970,the shit nowadays is synthetic poison,lets make a guess on which one of those preppy’s bout the shit,

    1. so you took every drug known to man since 1970, including the new synthitic poisons as they were made between 1970 and the present…and it gave you down syndrome? thats crazy dude

  5. It sounded like they said he was rolling. If he was rolling (MDMA, Ecstasy), that explains why they kept feeding him water and asked him if he wanted gum. But if he was rolling, he must have taken a bunch…

    1. it would look like a person eating some substance enjoying its effects and then coming down with no troubles. not interesting for the most part unless you are the person eating the drugs

    2. If you’ve never done it, you’ll never know.
      The experience can’t be put into words.

  6. Salvia isn’t synthetic poison, and if you dont trip the hell out like that guy did then you are over paying for garbage. You shouldn’t even know what the real world is while on those 10 mins. And those 10 mins should feel like eternity. It doesn’t change the world in front of you, it takes it away and replaces it with something else

  7. Ok, ok,
    For one, FUCK THAT CAMERA!!!!!!
    Two, He is on that bath salt shit, thats been killing preppy high school kids lately.
    What you don’t see is the Epic Win that happens 15 seconds after they stopped filming. The kid who is tripping goes into his dads gun cabinet and kills all his friends then blows his own head off! Epic bathsalt WIN!!!

  8. It s totally fail what the guys are doing and it s epic fail that somebody like you shared that video in the internet and made it more puplic.
    epic fail YOU! failed!

  9. They should be ashamed for making fun of retarded people. That would be the only reason to make yourself act like one…..
    Hilarious… but I still don’t understand the reason for actually WANTING to screw yourself up so badly like that.

  10. Where the fuck do they live? Jesus that’s the most suburbia-esque neighborhood I’ve ever seen. The trucks, the massive lawns, the uniform McMansions… What a depressing looking place of minor opulence.

  11. WTF? Fail? drugs are epic win. cuz they are laughing

    but… can you tell me why it isnt at nights and i cant here rave?
    and? where are the alc and the zigs?

  12. I had a family member go on a trip like this but on Salvia….her trip lasted at least 10 minutes and she sounded and acted exactly like this dude. But she thought she was in China.

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