Packaging Design Fail


Design Fail

“I was out the other day buying a few things for my car. I came across this very intruiging product called KingKong, unfortunately it is a product of epic fail. Why name a product KingKong and put Optimus Prime on the cover, what is even more disturbing is the fact that they put a Decepticon logo next to him, but as well all know Optimus is the leader of Autobots.”

Submitted by Michael K.

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    1. Maybe they misheard ‘Megatron’… they’d have to be pretty much deaf to do so though.

    1. agreed, its a product they qare not aloud to use the likeness of another icon without being sued, you clearly fail without realizing this

  1. @Michael K

    … I think we can also file under “having a life fail”. You’re breakdown of the whole thing is a bit 15 year oldish.

    jus sayin’

  2. I think the person that submitted this has earned a nomination as “the King of Epic Fails” for thinking anyone gives a shit about a security system, or optimus prime or the decepticon logo. Hey, there is something in the world more exciting then transformers. It’s called pussy. Buy some at your local corner store… today!

  3. this is gay and you’re a nerd. the only people who watch these movies or give a fuck about transformers are complete loser virgins and people under the age of 11. goodnight

    1. Exactly..graham got butt pounded by the football team…maybe not the conventional sense of losing it..but still he is NO virgin..and now he doesn’t watch these movies!…only Twilight 😉

  4. You question why they put Optimus Prime on the box and then later explain that Optimus is the leader of the Autobots. Makes perfect sense to me to put the leader of Autobots on product for a keyless remote control for cars. Logic fail.

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