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    1. correction: dipsht’s mom blows my c0ck like tht all the time till my cum leaks into her spinal cord now she is practizing her deepthroating skillz like i asked her to do

    1. I still don’t get it. Suspect that I’m not missing much though… in a world full of retards, ignorance is bliss.

    2. That is absolutely hilarious: Amy Winehouse giving someone advice. Nicky, don’t do it, surely it leads to drugs.

  1. i would diffently hit it with that gurl on the bed taking the photo but 2 the women who’s eating like that there’s a time u do that and a time u dont and this is a time u dont do that

  2. I don’t know what you guys are talking about all i see in this picture is a drunk chick pretending she can fly. Challenge accepted.

    1. damn rights i was flying. i was flying sky fucking high that night. do not judge. i look pretty happy considering someone just ate all my food.

    2. Turn your head 14 degrees counterclockwise. If you don’t know what that means, you’re a bigger dumbass than I thought.

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