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  1. At least he wore safety goggles :p

    If, however he had stayed on hes knees, he wold have caught it with his shield. The lesson being; if you get shot at, even when pretending to be a superhero, don’t stand up, and keep covered or you’ll end up looking like a dimwit on the internet…

  2. To bad the flare was a bit higher and hit him in the balls, though probably wouldn’t been a enough to make it so he can’t have kids.

  3. Dude this guy is the real Captain Awesome.
    Able to leap exploding fireworks in a single bound!
    Projectiles just bounce right off of him!
    And don’t forget about his mega loud defensive bitch scream!
    Epic hero WIN in my book.

    “As long as we keep supplying narcotics to our youth, we shall never run out of laughter”

  4. I’m thinking we just give all the dumbf*cks fireworks. Then they’ll kill themselves (or roast their own nuts) and we don’t have to worry about them impregnating each other and spawning.

  5. This is one of the best comeuppance videos I’ve ever seen. Calling himself “captain awesome” several times, yelling “block that shit” with a costume quality shield, and then how quickly his bravado and machismo evaporate make it a must watch.

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