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  1. I believe they are stating the size by which they are sold. As in “don’t come asking for a 10pc order, we only sell BY the 1lb bucket”.

  2. Im pretty sure this isn’t a “fail”. They’re saying its sold “by the pound (bucket)”. Like getting gas “by the gallon”. Not “buy”.

  3. Wow there’s more FAIL in the comments than the actual fail. The FAIL is actually circled in red you idiots. So along with kwhitty’s rating of Fail Recognition Fail, I give this an Epic Fail Fail because its not even that big of a fail, just a typo.

  4. Jeeba83, on the 16th the word that was circled was “by”. Only after that did they circle the correct fail, “avaiable”. Looks like you FAILED as well..

  5. You all are such ignorant jackasses that someone actually had to circle the fail for you! That’s awesome! Talk about the ultimate multi-fail!

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