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  1. The only thing worse than retarded black people rapping is retarded white people rapping. Especially women. If college girls are going to put a video online, it should at least involve nudity. Or sandwich making.

    1. On the other hand, there’s really nothing hotter than a chick with a lot of spirit. This is probably a ‘rush’ thing and a pretty funny one at that. I’m guessing that they’re pretty popular at their school now.

    2. SMRT you are a fucking retard……… Yea, they prob are popular at Alabama where everyone is a fucking dumb hick and clinging to high school cliques by joining the greek system. The only thing these bitches are good for is they are great looking cum receptacles.

    3. These are the girls that stuck in the a** by the Alpha Betas. Where the hell are the Tri Lams and the Omega Moos

  2. is the final part supposed to be that rebbeca black song? and i never understood why these sororities have greek letters instead of real names…

  3. Its cool….. let them enjoy life now…. they only thing these dumb bitches are gonna be doin after college is getting their pussy beat up, and cleanin up my fuckin house.

  4. Shouldn’t those chick be sucking some dick right now??? Oh wait, the sun is still up. They should be cooking and cleaning. Sucking dick doesn’t come until after the sun goes down.

    1. Sure, and the rest of the world too… and watching this I can guess why China is going to snatch USA the first position in the ranking of Great Powers

    2. Dear Zonemmm: you are an idiot.

      Let’s look at your previous comment: “…China is going to snatch USA the first position in the ranking of Great Powers.”

      So if I’m reading that right, what you’re saying is that China is going to do the US a solid and snatch the first position (whatever the fuck that means) for the US.

      Also, I think the term ‘Great Powers’ went out around 1930.


    3. OK OK right, my English is not at Shakespeares level, but who cares?. I use Google translator and you all know it doesnt work very well (w8, isn’t goog trans american?) Anyway you know what I am talking about, and my lack of knowledge of English, or calling me dumbass, won’t make things different. USA made the whole world fall into the greatest crisis of the History and thats the fact. So your hating wont outrival wolrds hate against USA.

    4. Jealous about what??? USA??? don´t make me laugh man. I have been 3 years living in Manhattan (quite american, huh?) and wouldn’t go back to live there even with a gun pointing my head. I have had enough time to check how is the American way of life, at least in the east coast, and believe me man, only americans can be SO superficial in everything. You got a lot of money, sure, but you sold your souls to get it. I can’t be jealous about that in my life.

    5. Three years in Manhattan? It took you three years to realize you didn’t like it? I guess you’re not the sharpest knife in the drawer…

      Also, what exactly is ‘the greatest crisis of the History’?

  5. Did they scour the campus for the least talented pea-brains they could find? I mean, this was atrocious! Not even funny for being bad, just plain irritating!

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