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  1. I think it’s some kind of fish/ horse cross-breed… a forse. Or a hish. As for the sex of this creature, we can only speculate.

  2. Down low nig-nogs are the creepiest life form on earth.
    Thanks god for AIDS, sickle cell, diabetes and wanton gunfire to control their population.

    1. And most likely your wife is sleeping with all these black dudes and bringing it back home to you to where you plunge in to her cum bucket. A good way to control the mistakes caused from your parents inbreeding.

    2. Let me take wild guess here Kelly:
      You’re yet another overweight..pasty skinned…stringy mousey brown haired coalburner who digs the negroids.
      You have 2-3 out of wedlock feral niglet half breeds.
      Live in some Section 8 shitbox and are currently typing your answers on the local public library’s computer.
      How am I doing so far?

    3. your obviously some insecure asshole..who blames that black man for the reasons why you can’t find a date or a life..

    4. Ugly dudes like you always blast blacks because you are insecure about your own self. But hey, I am glad that you always find time to talk about blacks. At least they are on your mind at all times. U seem obsessed.

    5. Hmmmm close. No actually I’m your mother and I am utterly shocked of the language you choose to use young man. I thought me and your father raised you better than that. I’m so displeased in your actions. I should have did like your father said and just swallow.

    6. He is none of what you are saying about him! You must have a problem with yourself because you sure do have a lot to say. so im gonna go what DollFaceBarbie would do and say thank you for your hate! you are really making him look good!

    7. im loving reading every ones replys to your racial stupidity! its very funny and i agree with both of kellys comments!!! the problem with you is that your daddy forgot to pull out:) but its okay everyone makes mistakes! 🙂 your mother made a big one for nine months!

    1. I love DollFace. He his so fun! He homosexual and he has long hair. I am not seeing the issue here. He is so kind.

  3. I don’t know if you guys saw, but this is a man, with large hair, and big lips.

    -he looks like Jacob from Twilight.

  4. i dunno whether to jerk-off while dreaming about skull fucking her or be completely mind fucked that its actually a guy

  5. 1st of all He is a MAN! 2nd of all his name is Bejean or DollFaceBarbie!3rd of all He knows he is a Man Not a DL man or any thing else you are writing! He is comfy in his own skin so if you are disrespecting him YOU must be the person with the problems! BITCHES GET A LIFE AND STOP STEALING pictures!!!! SN: he does nat have a tan that uis his natural skincolor>

  6. everybody STFU, This is a Guy, His Name Is Bejean, He Is On Youtube, DollFaceborbietv Look It Up.. Hes a Dopee Ass Guy, Yall Juss Jealous ass..

  7. every 1 that comes cross dis go on youtube and look up doolfacebarbieTV he is NOT ugly at all and he will teach u shallow minded ass ppl a few lessons….. love u barbie

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