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    1. Seneca you really are a tard! Lmfao! The engines in the rear. Dumbass. Notice the huge glass window in the rear? What do you think that’s for? To show off the trunk space in a ferrari?

      Just because you can afford a ferrari doesnt necessarily mean you should own one let alone deserve one.

    2. I think the underside of the car is also damaged including the exhaust and maybe the front part of the gearbox. When the front wheels lost ground, those parts were damaged I guess.

  1. That’s actually still salvageable since the engine is in the back and it doesn’t seem most of the electrical stuff went into the water besides the lights.

  2. This really isn’t a driving fail. This car was pushed into the water by a careless van driver, who was parking in reverse in the parking lot 🙂 it happened in Croatia 🙂

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