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    1. hahahaha that’s funny…. i sent this picture in…. they went to my school… this is just PRICELESS thanks to everyone who is hating on them. yall rock hahahahaha

  1. Bet this dude gets to 3 way this mongrols on the regular. All you need to bang a ginger and WOWtwat at the same time:
    1) 2 inches of buttcrack showing at all time
    2) 30% body fat
    3) really disproportionate last name tattoo done in Mexico
    4) and of course…….a dick that will literally fuck anything.

    1. Rocco is in the other room, gettin supper ready for his family. The girl in the middle is his sister/wife the guy is his uncle/dad and the redhead is cousin/lover.

  2. FACT: Half the people posting fat comments here are either ugly, out of shape, or fat themselves. That’s the beauty of the internet, nobody can see you. Unless, of course, you’re in the photo 🙂

  3. sadly those look like the navy’s blue digi cammie pants and i do beleive it says marine (or maybe not can’t tell) across fat mans back
    makes me feel aashamed to military :[

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