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    1. no mate it’s just that white people have huge noses, and look like they are about to shape shift into a warewolf

  1. first… in this post to point out Asian people have no souls (you can tell by that kid’s laugh… MMMMWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA).

    1. That’s a pretty ignorant thing to say… Asian people are exactly the same as the rest of us… only smaller… and kinda yellow. And they’re hard to tell apart. Racism is fun.

    2. PML dude its funny cause to me white people all look the same.. and they long pointy faces like a horse.. lol i would hate to be hit in the nose if i was white PML

    1. Several of my asian friends keep telling me that asian accents are faked to make it harder for the “round eye” to understand them. But being a “round eye” I wouldn’t know if that’s true or not.

  2. i dont have any idea why he would keep falling for this! jesus! i mean, look, they’ve already done it so many times hes beaten his face flat!!! it no stick out no more. bahahahaha!

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