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    1. FOR real this comment is so stupid what you fuckn 6 mother fucker you should punch your self in the face

    2. YESSSS MIMI!!! the fact that gomavs11 actually felt the need to post that shows that it derives from his own insecurities, he is looking for acceptance from the world with his disgusting attitude… it ain’t working mate… you just look like a TWAT… for your own progression in life, i suggest you re-evaluate yourself and how you talk to others… i hope you feel proud of yourself because with that kind of attitude im sure no one else is…

  1. AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks alot jackass, now I have to tell my little girl that she cant be a mermaid anymroe.

  2. look at this sick mofo, oh man, that look… shit, this thing is perverted as hell… I gotta go pray… i don’t know what else to do now.. I wish I had a gun

  3. Where is the world going to … damnz
    just think of it. when your getting home and you open your door and see this sick bastard laying in your bedroom.

    i would definitly punch him in de face and grab it by his tail and throw him out the window like a flying fish…..

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