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  1. I’ll bet he’s a Republican (probably from Texas)and talks shit about “entitlements” such as Social Security and that poor people should just die and go away.

    1. u can barely see the person in the video but u think to know what sort of person he is… are u sort of envious by any chance? let him drive his circles if he can enjoy that

    2. you better leave him alone, that is Dick C. cousin… btw he wants to know if you’re in to go hunting next weekend?

    3. Dick C? For fuck’s sake! We all better watch our p’s and q’s! That bastard wants everybody dead! Aint he over Halliburton now? He’ll definitely fuck up some people before it’s over with. And, hell no! I aint going hunting with him. He can blow your brains out and nobody says shit.

  2. Fuck that. I don’t care if I’m a billionaire, I’m not doing that shit in my own house. HOWEVER, I’d go tear up someone else’s lawn with a big ass truck or do this in their house.

  3. Personally, I wouldn’t do this to my house if I were in his position, but who am I to say anything? Besides, if he has the money to own such a bad ass car, he has the money to redo the whole floor.

  4. I so wanted him to hit that colum and for the roof to collapse to make this a truely epic fail X3

    Though I have to wonder how the hell he got that thing in there :/

  5. who ever does a thing like that just doesnt have great wealth, he a fucking idiot with no life and any driver can do that shouldnt even get a license to drive cause thats just ruining ur car and not to mention ur floor.

  6. why are all of you haters talking down onthis guy? i guarantee if you had his money there wouod be something you want to do that is as equally useless as doing donuts around a support column. so stfu and go get money. LOSERS!!!!

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