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  1. The only thing that would make this vid better would be mom yelling down the basement stairs to “turn that noise down!”

  2. i’m not gonna lie.. me and my friends do the same(dance randomly in my room) but… come on!!!!!! we dont record ourself and upload it on the internet!! =/

  3. I think these girls rocked it!!!! I’ve been watching this video over and over again and I think they should record it again and get the last dance moves in synch. They are awesome!!! Keep it up!!!!

  4. I love the teaser image at the EpicFail homepage. Looks like the one chick is getting fucked in the ass by the girl who has the rat face. Classic.

  5. Damnit! The Zomby apocalypse struck already and I missed it? Still, they look like they would be pretty freaky in the sheets…

    1. Well, with these “ladies,” I think I would keep it away from the teeth… I do like em a little on the freaky side though… just no “biting it completely off…”

    2. Nothing wrong with some freakyness! 🙂 these 2 just scare me I suppose…especially the one that had the plastic on her face.

    3. Lol well….everyone’s definition of freaky is different but I’d say yeah…I have my moments! 🙂 I don’t evoke a feeling of fear when I am though…I find it ruins the mood! 😀

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