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  1. Yeah… he’s white. I’m white too but at least I know it. I love rap and basketball but I know my pecking order in both worlds.

    1. Your part of the problem then.
      Whiggers are a millimeter above negroids on the evolutionary chain.

    2. Considering yanks decided to cross breed with their slaves, you’re all fucked.
      Nordic Aryan ftw.

    3. @RoccoL
      Seriously you douche , at least learn the difference between your & you’re. Here’s a bit of a reminder, YOUR existence on this planet is a waste of space and YOU’RE the saddest little excuse for a human…maybe you should give the whole jumping off a cliff some more thought..

    4. Golly gee…now isn’t this cute?
      We have our very own Mrs. Grammar Nazi to patrol the waters here.
      As usual though your futile attempt at insult based on something as childish as correcting one’s minor grammatical error fails.
      Try again.

    5. Really all this racism is fucking retarded come on just cuz the skins a different color doesnt make anyone better and the slaves comment come on dude grow the fuck up! your parents must of raised yall to talk like idoits!!!! i guess all people cant be lucky enough to be raised a non racist christian (the right way) drop dead you imbecile!

    1. just because all the black guys who go down on you have bad teeth doesn’t mean they all don’t use proper hygiene

    2. English is not my mother tongue, but I could’ve sworn that hygiene isnt’ exactly something you USE…unless of course you’ve pioneered a whole new standard of cleanliness in your cave dwelling…

  2. I don’t get it, sounds like the same lame shit that gets played on every tv show, radio and every other fucking thing, well he is a tone deaf idiot, who follows todays fucking FAILURE music scene.

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