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    1. I think he took that expression a little too literally. Then again, the lip of a home plate can sometimes tear you a new one…

  1. That guy is in the minor leagues making a modest living playing a sport. Nonetheless, he is considered “professional” baseball player by today’s standards.
    My concern is how can a pro not know how to slide?
    Sliding head first is designated for 2nd and 3rd base. Being that the catcher has shin guards on, the chances of getting injured sliding head first at home greatly increase.
    He might possibly be a pitcher, but if he was at 2nd base then he either walked or got a hit. That’s an inclination that he has most likely had to run the bases in his life and has seen some success offensively.
    There really is no excuse for this to happen. He must still have his infant soft spot to get knocked out by dirt. He had a helmet on leading up to the impact. That must have softened the blow a little.
    Having a baby’s skull and not knowing how to slide as an adult is fucking embarrassing.

    1. he is a pitcher in his divition he might nt have to bat. so sliding running bating might not be his every day thing. all though not landing on your arm would be smart sense he is a pitcher.

  2. I fear that fall cold be career ending for a pitcher, I wish him good luck and a speedy recovery, baseball players in the minor league although not as talented, have a lot more heart and soul than major league players who are more in it for the money $$$

  3. Well this guy is a career athlete. I don’t know how but he is. Don’t laugh at him he is fucking committed; stupid, but committed. I doubt anybody commenting on here is half the athlete that guy is…or half as stupid.

  4. @thunder_chicken…sliding is allowed at ANY base.getting to a base running is faster, but if the ball is there before you, sliding,(even at 1st base), makes you a smaller/lower target.learn or play the game first before you type what you do not know.

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