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    1. We need a new law that approve the followin actions: fuckin\raping\beatin\killin every planker on sight

    2. in soviet russia planking can success

  1. not really a planking win as she is more supported by the tables than not. Now, doing this in public? Manager should have asked her to leave. Yeah, that baby is already ruined.

    Forest, that is your whole observation? Must have been public education to reach that level.

    1. the baby is ruined? because she is lying downwards? observation fail for U mr turbo. private schools musta taught u well.

    2. I’ve been pregnant with a VERY active child and I can tell you that lettin’ the tummy hang is BEYOND awesome, though not to be done in public. Some dumb people may forget that the baby floats in amniotic fluid and think you are hurting your child.

  2. this is a parenting and employee fail because they shouldn’t be letting dumb pregnant chicks plank all over the store.

  3. I just want to know what’s up with the ‘eye black’? Did she just get done playing outfield for the local softball team and needed some ice cream?

  4. Though I do not agree with doing something like this in public and for safe reason referring to if she falls off the table. But laying like that will not hurt that child. When I was pregnant, I would’ve given ANYTHING to lay frontwards just for 10 mins. But like I said, she is not causing any bodily or mental harm to the baby inside of her. She’s just weird. Nothing illegal or incriminating about that.

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