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    1. I agree. You can’t post shit like this when it’s related to sports because things like this happen all the time, in every sport.

  1. Obviously the dude was fine until he decided to pretend to be hurt and not break his fall like someones hand brushing up against his face knocked him out mid flight. Then he smashed into the ground and BOUNCED he actually bounced, i hope he got knocked out then. But in his defense he was just doing what soccer players do best, act like a GIGANTIC fuckin pussy.

    1. he was OBVIOUSLY knocked out before he hit the ground, not even him would be stupid enough to not break his own fall from that high up. people like you make me sick

  2. Take that Didier Drogba. That’s who that was. And for all you punks dissing on soccer it isn’t the sport it’s the fact that most of the players are not Americans. Basketball players flop too. MLS sucks but they don’t let floppers get away with it.

  3. i think it is absolutely disgusting that someone gets knocked out for over a minute, gets carried off the pitch with blood all over his face and its considered a fail. it was a very scary moment to watch this happen

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