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    1. i agree, Seneca. Those are not child bearing ankles. how can i depend on a woman to bear multiple pregnancies if her ankles are rubbish? women: please use this video as an educational tool. spread it around. thank you

    2. That’s broken. In order for an ankle to completely dislocate like that, the tip of the fibula needs to break. Unless her ligaments are made of noodles… this is broken to shit.

    3. Who the hell cares if its broken or dislocated i want to know what that bitch was on…she fucked her ankle up and then was like oh well i think i messed it up oops

  1. She took it like a champ. Think I would at least swear a little if I dislocated my ankle. But then I wouldn’t be stupid enough to jump out of a window onto a trampoline in the first place.

  2. what the heck,,,,if i seen the first guy jump then hold his ankle i would of been like,,,um i’ll pass on this one,,,but now that stupid chick was like ok here i come

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