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    1. Maybe she thinks shes a cat & doesnt know where her bathroom is so she just keeps covering her poop with clothes… Poor confused girl…

    1. nah, you just need to get laid… & no, your sister doesn’t really count, step out of the box.

    2. nah, you just need to get laid… & no, your sister doesn’t really count, step out of the box.

  1. you find stick thin legs and a bony tiny little frame and a terrible blonde haircut sexy?

    if she treats her room like that, imagine how she treats herself…think of that then come back to me and tell me how sexy it is.

    1. those bony little frames got plenty of room for meat to be stuffed in, that’s why i like ’em. why don’t you like ’em?
      are ya average, are ya few extra, are ya more to love, are ya superlardo?
      you’re super lardo, epic fail…

  2. She’s a dirty skank. All these times girls are talking as if they are clean past guys. I am starting to realise how dirty girls can be. Girls are even dirtier than guys

    1. Your mother taught me that lesson long ago πŸ˜€ Sorry, I can’t resist a good ‘your mother’ joke… or a bad one for that matter. Seriously though, she was a dirty bitch. You should get checked out.

  3. What’s with the tumor on her right forearm?
    Fucks sake….she must have picked up a flesh eating virus from this garbage dump of a room.

    1. It isn’t clean. See the writing in purple to the left? somebody’s name *heart* somebody’s name lol

  4. Neither do spiks for that matter, nor zipper heads, or towel heads, curry eaters, jews…. Blah blah blah you’re so cool. -_-

  5. WHAT THE FUCK….. Well any ways, that girl needs an ass whoopin for all that mess,see what happens when you spoil your kids.

  6. to busy trying to look nice to find a dick to suck on cant even wipe your ass or clean your room get pregnant get on welfare loser. youths today are more fucked up then in any other time ive seen its fucking crazy mp3s lol facebook and blunts what great life

  7. Ok, really? Because you have a dirty room does not mean you have nasty lady parts or you are messed up. It doesn’t mean you’re soiled or lazy. You don’t know her situation so stop judging and talking smack.

  8. “if she treats her room like that, imagine how she treats herself”
    what are you on dope?
    so because someone could have a messed up room it means theyre filthy and doesnt treat her body the way it should?
    thats a bit narrow minded if you ask me..

    and yeah even thouh the fail haircut id still bone her!

    1. Who the hell would wanna bone that? I would pt 500 bucks on the fact she is a cry baby drama queen… and if you could get through listing to her most likely self-centered stories about how hot she thinks she is… then more power to you. I dont think that I could think about living with that shit.

  9. WTF is up with these idiots taking picture of themselves in mirrors especially in a room that looks like shit. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should (BTW her parents deserve a spanking for doing such a shit job raising their self-absorbed little douchette)

  10. wtf does she even have a dresser for? if my room looked like dat my mom wud tell me im gonna get the pig desease lmfao…shes horrible from head 2 toe n her room is juss the topping on da cake…like seriously wtf wud u want 2 date a girl like dis…like dey said b4 if thats hw she treats her room imagine inside her pants! imagine how shed have ur house if u lived with her ewww

  11. It took me a minute to look at the room, but the room doesn’t have a cleanliness problem, just clothes on the floor. More of a tidy fail. But who cares, she’s hot!

  12. Those clothes have obviously been there for quite some time- bugs, mites, etc like to live in dark, warm places…prob even in her cooch. This IS NOT a normal teenage bedroom, trust me! This is laziness, pure and simple, and lack of parental guide for sure!

  13. it could be intentional… actually i just turned back to take a look at my room and i changed my mind. bad bad teenagers… (shame on us) πŸ˜€

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