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    1. I think a more relevant question from a masculine perspective would be “Is it normal to eat someone else’s period blood?”.

    2. Amy Winehouse would know…

      I think NNN is right… but this isn’t a google fail. They use an algorithm based on previous searches to come up with these… so it’s a public education fail in my opinion.

    1. I find the number 21 quite sexy… it’s the perfect age, ideal dress size and also the length of my penis in inches.

  1. If you Google it you get the disturbing question….

    “Is it normal to eat your period blood?
    I have had periods for four years now, sometimes i lick my fingers after touching the blood, it doesn’t even taste that nice, but I do it anyway :S

    Does anybody else do this??? Or is it just me???

    plz help”

    Classy bird!

  2. I typed in “Is it wr” First two suggestions: “Is it wrong to sleep with your mom” and “Is it wrong to sleep with your sister” I guess it could be about slumber, but I don’t think so.

  3. I don’t know why we see these kind of things. It’s Caryn own personal google search. Anybody can just type in a bunch of crazy stuff and then take a picture of it.

  4. On the drop-down list on my browser, Google ALSO returned “is it rude to fart when someone is crying”. Who -or WHAT- comes up with these suggestions?!?!?!

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