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    1. I guess the payout of headbutting a wall between the studs outweighs the risk of missing the sweet-spot. Too bad for situation, he was just a few inches from being a national hero.

  1. You can always tell when some one is desperately compensating for something. I bet he has a microscope attachment for his condoms.

    1. I think ron is trying to say that “The Situation” is a fail whether he fails wile doing it or not.

  2. I fucking hate Jersey Shore… I’ve never even watched a single episode but dudes who tan and call themselves ‘the situation’ aren’t worth following.

    1. I’m gonna start calling myself “The Circumstance” or maybe just go by what my parents call me “The Accident”

    2. “The Accident”? Ahh okay… so did your parents get any money when they sued the condom factory for this “accident”? ^.^

    1. Pyro, death by snoo snoo from Futurama looks like a hell of a lot of fun. Death by smoosh smoosh however, does not.

    1. just another South Park reference: Although I like your rape idea. Perhaps we could get a Dolphin to rape him. Dolphins love raping people.

  3. Just remember, those people are getting paid to do that. I’m noticing more and more reality shows are actually a little scripted (some guidelines) with lots of free-sytling to keep their audience entertained.

  4. Multiple fail. For one, recorded with camera of a TV. Two, for being on Jersey Shore. Three, for being a complete douche aka “The Situation.”

  5. Ever notice in nature the insecure animal puffs up and makes a lot of noise to try to scare off the predator. Truly tough guys strike while calm and save their energy. America is fully of these yapping jumping types.

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