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  1. It’s actually a man. She/He often takes her ‘Kids’ out in town. Can’t believe she made it to EPIC!

  2. Disturbing, but not as bad as the people that get a life size doll and marry it. Then live out their lives with their inanimate “wife”

    1. What is really bad is when your love doll files charges against you for sodomy and abuse. Who could have known that the ACLU would take the case. Damned liberal activists! I think relations between a man and his love doll is sacred and should not be put up before public ridicule. I still contend that stroking my olsen twins dolls with a hot soldering iron was foreplay not assault. Oh then they threw the bigamy thing at me. If a man buys twin dolls he should have the right to marry both of them. I knew you would understand and support me. We can only hope that Romney becomes president so we can get our rights back as Mormons. I thought we had a chance since Obama supported Islamic laws but he has been a disappointment.

  3. This freaked shit out of me! She reminds me of every kids movie or freaky movie that always have bad mother/step-mom/evil woman. I think I got to make a phone call to therapist.

  4. omg i actually cant believe this, this was taken in berne, switzerland, hes always at the station and always walks round like that! people that live here and see him a lot have got used to him

  5. If this isn’t a ‘staged’ photo opp., then either this person would be an interresting psycho-analytical case study subject, OR, they are trying to antagonize a situation where they could sue someone for harrassment.

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