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    1. Yea as far as I’m concerned vowels are A,E,I,O and U. Maybe they do things differently in America… completely raped our language. Bastards 😉

    2. Nicky, in America most people can’t spell or even write, you should cherish it when you see one who can, it’s like a Sasquatch sighting.

    3. Y is not a vowel, it is a semivowel.. In phonetics and phonology, a semivowel (or glide) is a sound, such as English /w/ or /j/ (“y”), that is phonetically similar to a vowel sound but functions as the syllable boundary rather than as the nucleus of a syllable. Who is the dumbass??

    1. but normally a women who hates men is the women who havent got dick in a really long time so she start sayin shit like this a women who get dick still say men aint shit but dont post bout it or brag bout it like this bitch so plez fuck this bitch but do it where u brake this bitch

    2. and Jesus “darkness” … I never knew how seeing someone rape grammar so violently could hurt a readers eyes!

  1. This is a really stupid fail! BS is bullshit, Y is considered a VOWEL when used in the word boy and fuck my life is a stupid ancronym as are most txting acronymns! hehe! ya like how i did that, took out sum of the vowels but not so many that you cldn’t still tell wat the wrd was? MRNS!

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