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    1. even a bigger fail is not realizing that most phones record straight up and down like that, and you saying this comment is pointless because thats how cell phones actually record. you fail.

  1. Yeah, I often find it hard to finish a wank in under 2-3 minutes… sometimes losing wood when I have to restart the clip… but thanks to compilations, that’s no longer an issue 🙂

  2. Ok, to the skaters in this clip and anyone attempting to jump off a roof… First of all, just because you can do it in a video game doesn’t mean its possible. And second,you don’t want to jump from a high place and land flat on thin wood.. That’s what landing ramps are for. They take away some of the force exerted on the board, and you. They’re not there to look cool. Physics is helpful. See Science and math do help in EVERY CAREER! Shoulda listened to mama.

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