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  1. That’s the kind of AC you put in your car when you have to live in it. This person probably doesn’t have a home and lives in their car. This is a really funny fail… haha…

    1. @spr808: Actually, I don’t and have never owned one, but I knew somebody would comment on that. So, I got ya!

  2. actually yes they do use the 120 volt adapter to the cigarette lighter but this is beginning to be a copycat fail from those that seen it and tried to take credit for laughter that they don’t own

    1. Yeah, I’ve got a few of those Cobra inverters that I was experimenting on for a pivate project. But I know if you are using one in your car, then you’re asking for trouble. It will burn up your battery. Also, for something like an AC unit that pulls alot of amperage you’ll do alot of damage all around. So, anyone stupid enough to actually try this in their car is really stupid.

  3. This is actually a car of someone that is stationed at filming locations to hold parking for when the trucks come in. If they are near a studio or base camp they will often have 120V A/C power and will run heaters, air conditioners, TVs, etc.
    While these are not homeless people, they do practically live in their cars for long periods of time.

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